Saturday, 21 March 2009

Eric Clapton Jams With The Allman Brothers A Second Time! Historic Show at NYC’s Beacon Theater

On 20 March, history was made a second time when Eric Clapton again joined The Allman Brothers Band on stage at New York City's Beacon Theater. The seven-song set left those in attendance speechless. Although the 19th was an excellent performance, the 20th was one of those magic nights that music fans live for.

Like the previous evening, EC's long-time guitar technician, Lee Dickson, was spotted during intermission setting up EC's gear. Stepping out a few songs into the second set with his daphne blue signature stratocaster, EC's set with the Allman Brothers was "Key To The Highway," "Stormy Monday," "Dreams," "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad," "Little Wing," an epic version of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed," and the evening's encore, "Layla."

One Clapton fan that reported into Where's Eric! that another thing that made both evenings at The Beacon pleasurable was the Allman Brothers' fans. He said, "They are truly passionate about the music. They give the music and the musicians on stage the attention and respect they deserve while having an absolutely fantastic time. More concert crowds should be like this."

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