Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eric Clapton's one-time Venice Beach retreat in California

Eric Clapton is selling off a Japanese businessman once California's Venice Beach retreat homes in the earthquake and tsunami survivors benefits destruction.

celebrated Japanese architect Arata Isozaki only by the design house of $ 2.5 million (1.6 million pounds) in the property market will be hit.

Never been a sale of individual recordings after Clapton left when they sold the property in 2003 will be included. Rocker owned the house for five years. Ronald Bennett Getty Museum this place by craftsman furnishings custom features.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Eric Clapton spotted in a public launderette

Eric Clapton has been spotted in a public launderette dirty laundry.

Guitar hero Eric Clapton 65 year old, his nicknamed Slowhand, he was snapped in this week removing a blue shirt from the industrial washer at a launderette in LA.

Such as Layla Eric helped Hits are clear - he is said to have a £ 125million fortune. Yet here he is doing his dirty work.